What is GRS

GRS is the new (last decade or two) acronym for what used to be called SRS, “Sex Reassignment Surgery.”  Because GRS fits a lot of other, sometimes nebulous, surgical and physical states:

Genital Reconstructive Surgery

Gender Reconstructive Surgery

Genital Reassignment Surgerey

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Some people prefer other terms such as Gender Affirmation Surgery or Genital Corrective Surgery, etc., but they all mean surgically adjusting genitalia to resemble genitalia of the opposite sex.


A major problem with many transgenderists referring to these terms per themselves, though, is that sometimes

(1) they are saying they’ve had this done when they just have not.  I even know some who have stated their opposition to it to me, yet outright lie to even professional groups about what they’ve had done, it is so important for them to get others to believe they’ve had GRS when they have not,

(2) they will have something much lesser done, yet imply to others that they’ve had the whole thing done—“I’ve had my ‘surgery’ down there”—such as having an orchiectomy (testes removed) and referring to that as GRS because it IS a reconstruction…, or having a clitoral release done and claiming GRS….but giving the impression that was was done was the whole thing.

I think that what one chooses to have done with their genitalia in this regard is a window to their soul, an indication of who they are inside, a major difference between TS and TG groups.   Again, in this, I’m not decrying TGs; just point out how TSs are different.  I don’t think it’s bad for a person to want cross- or blended sexuality; I just think it’s not something that a TS would want.

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